World Wide -long jump record… by car

The American pilot Bryce Menzis broke the global record for long jumping by jumping on the Pro2 racing pickup distance of 115.64 meters. Achievement was listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Menzis planned to establish the achievement of the past few years and began preparations for the trick in the spring of 2016. For four months, the racer and his team made test jumping in the city of San Diego to determine the optimal Pro2 suspension settings and choose a suitable springboard.

A jump at 115.64 meters was perfect in an abandoned city in New Mexico. The racer immediately wanted to beat his own record, but the next attempt was unsuccessful – the American broke his shoulder when landing. However, the previous achievement was enough to get into the Guinness book.

The former record belonged to the American Tanner Fost, who in 2011, on the eve of the Racing “500 Miles Indianapolis”, jumped at a distance of 101.2 meters. In 2014, his achievement was tried to beat the Frenchman Gerlen Shisheri, but his attempt ended with a serious accident.

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