Women suffer more men due to gender prejudices

In the Western world, the term “Mensplaining” (Mansplaining) has long been invented, which combines the words “man” and “explanation”: it describes the process when a person-usually a man-condescendingly explains something to the interlocutor. Most often this happens in relation to women. There were relatively few studies on why and how the menplaining of people’s relations affects. The BRAGHS, a researcher at the Michigan State University in East Long Linge, and the USA, decided to fill out the gap.

Condescension to women

Her colleagues asked Briggs 128 volunteers to imagine that they were appointed to the committee, which were instructed to distribute premium funds among worthy employees. Then the scientists asked the actors (man and woman) to turn with the explanations of the already set task to volunteers so that the latter (both men and women) end up in a “Menspleining” situation.

“We discovered that women [had more] negativity due to muzzleing, while men did not affect men so much,” Briggs said. “Women, as a rule, noted that their competence is questioned more often than men, and attributed it to gender prejudices”. 

The male volunteers did not experience many negative emotions, when the actress repeated the assignment already understandable. “Perhaps they took it like "This man is rude with me", but without gender prejudice, ”Briggs believes. The video recording of the study also showed: women pronounced less words after the man spoke condescendingly with them.

Problems at work 

“In total … Mensplaining really takes place in workplaces, and it has a real influence [on the relations and communication of people]. Mensplaining can lead to employees to feel [serious discomfort and feel their underestimation] at the workplace, even if there were no negative intentions from the interlocutor, ”scientists explain. 

Caitlin Briggs believes that a deeper awareness of the problem in society would be the decisive first step. Information about MENSPLINING AND INSTOLL OF THE LEADING, WORKS OF WORKS OF THE Online LIGHT can be monitored to understand how often people are interrupted or ignored by others.

People at leading posts should know that MENSPLINING can damage the work of the entire team. “If they see or hear about it, they should give feedback and teach the initiator how best to act in the future,” the researchers explained.

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