With your own hands

Today we will tell you how to make a powerful parabolic mirror cheaply and quickly. Suddenly needed.

Engineer Benjamin, author of the Nighthawkinlight YouTube channel, demonstrates the manufacture of sunny lenses with your own hands. His project is a concave mirror made of “space blanket” (thin polymer film with a metallized reflective coating) and a solid base. Its ability to focus the sun’s rays allows you to turn the mirror surface into a kind of “sunrise”. On a fine day, the temperature from the bundle of focused rays of the sun is large enough to light coal, boil water or even fry something in the pan.

The design is notable for its cheapness and ease of manufacture. Pulling the blanket on a wooden frame, Ben gave it the shape of a convex lens using a conventional bicycle pump. Having fixed the shape with several cuts of thin fabric impregnated with a melt of fiberglass, the master placed the resulting mirror in a frame of construction plastic.

The cost of one such mirror does not exceed $ 10, so if you love sole bunnies very much… However, with this design you should be very careful. You never know what solar hare will break out to freedom.

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