Why you can’t drink coffee in the morning

To get a good mood, and not anxiety and anxiety, coffee should be drunk after 10 hours

Coffee consumption for coffee can cause pain in the stomach

Keep in mind that even several weeks of consumption of an invigorating drink on an empty stomach will make themselves felt. At first, people usually experience discomfort and severity, and then more serious symptoms. Of course, we are talking about people with absolutely healthy gastrointestinal tract. If there are health problems, instead of a powerful invigorating effect, a cup of coffee on an empty stomach can only aggravate the condition.

In addition, according to Healthyway, Japanese scientists have discovered another negative effect of coffee – after its consumption, food begins to pass along the stomach faster than expected. As a result, the body does not have time to consume nutrients, which can lead to their deficiency. Subsequently, this can lead to a variety of health problems.

It follows that, before drinking coffee, you must have breakfast. Moreover, it is desirable to drink coffee immediately after eating, but after at least 30 minutes, and even better in an hour. Do not forget that the degree of harm of coffee depends on the method of preparation. For example, coffee, brewed right in a cup, is considered the most harmful after the soluble thing we talked about earlier. But this does not mean that a drink prepared in another way can be drunk on an empty stomach. An attempt to replace the morning coffee with black or green tea will also lead to anything good, since tea has the same property – irritates the walls of the stomach.

If you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, refuse coffee at all. Do not forget that coffee is far from the only way to cheer yourself up in the morning.

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