Why when we think, our eyes run

When a person thinks, his eyes can begin to involuntarily move from side to side. Why is this happening and whether it is normal?

You can understand that your interlocutor thought about the movement of his eyes: if his eyes jerk off from side to side, then a person has a tense thought process in the head. For the most part, this is a normal phenomenon, but sometimes eye movements can say about the presence of a serious disease. How to distinguish them?

Such rhythmic eye movements in medicine are called drift. In most cases, this is a completely normal physiological process. He appears if a person begins to look at one point. We think and cease to focus on what we see. At the same time, the eye ceases to look at one point and the eyes begin to “run”.

Studies have shown that the nature of the drift can reflect what a person thinks about. If a person reads something positive, his drift goes to the right and up, and if negative, then left and down. It is worth saying that in a healthy person the eyes are constantly moving due to a slight twitching of the eye muscles. In this case, there is already another type of eye movement – tremor. It is almost impossible to notice it without special equipment – eye fluctuations are too fast and short.

Also, eye fluctuations can indicate diseases of the nervous system or visual apparatus. Pathological movements of apples are called nystagmus. At the same time, people in people can move not only vertically or horizontally, but also describe arcs or circles. To recognize the disease, doctors take off the optulograms characterizing the direction of the look depending on the time. According to them, you can determine the nature and stage of the disease of the eye or the pathology of the nervous system associated with this state.

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