Why the Vatican is the richest country in the world

In one of the richest countries in the world do not pay taxes. It’s all about the country’s special economy.

The Vatican has his own post office, as well as a banking system. In the course of the most religious country in the world, the Vatican Euro, which is currently adopted throughout the euroz1. But where does such a small country get from the income?

The secret of the success of the Vatican

Vatican is an independent city-state-its area is 440 m2. This is about two Luzhniki stadiums. This country is so small that there are even no street addresses in it.

The Vatican mints his own euros, prints his own brands, releases passports and even license plates. The country also has its own media and its own flag and anthem, like any real country. This may seem amazing, because the Vatican seems to many a dwarf state, which depends in its activities from Italy.

But the Vatican economy is unique -this is the only non -profit economy in the world. The Vatican receives income not only from entrance tickets to museums, from the sale of brands and souvenirs. The country is a large land owner in Italy, Spain, Germany and other countries, owns shares of a number of concerns in the field of electric power, rubber, chemical and other industries. The Vatican receives his funds for investment due to tourism and donations of Catholics from all over the world.

In Vatican stores, goods can be bought cheaper by 25%, because, in fact, the whole country is the Tax Free z1. 

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