Why gel polish is poorly kept on nails, how to prevent it?

Why does gel varnish do not stay on the nails? This question is asked not only by those who became a victim of unpleasant circumstances, but also by the master of nail service. Experts conducted research, and it turned out that the matter can be not only in the low quality of the material used, but also in the assumption of a number of technological errors. Before finding out the reasons for the ambulance of manicure, it is worthwhile to figure out what shellac is.

This is a unique manicure tool designed to cover nails, gives them an attractive look for a long time. The advantages of this manicure product can be attributed a lot to, for example, ease of use, color saturation. This type of decorative coating is preserved for 2, or even 4 weeks, and the secret of the gel lies in its ability to resist the effects of external factors in its ability.

The reasons that gel polish does not hold on nails

Regardless of who you are, a client or master, it will not be superfluous to learn about the factors affecting the fortress, the integrity of the gel coating. One of the main reasons why the layer is quickly swollen may not be proper preparation, but not thorough cleansing of the nail plate. The color layer can be made too thick, this leads to partial polymerization, which is why it exfoliates.

Initially, the surface of the nail, along with adjacent tissues, could be poorly degreased. Definitely say why the gel from nails exfoliates is difficult. Because this is preceded by various circumstances, such as the unscrupulous sealing of free edges, the ingress of the material used on the cuticle, the skin around the nail. If you plan to make a manicure on nails at home, then to prevent situations when the varnish falls off, you should not use materials from different manufacturers in the work. The same applies to low quality goods. Specialists in this area recommend preference to American products. As practice shows, such a coating is held both at the ends and on the nails as a whole, best.

Another of the reasons why the gel polish from nails exfoliates is insufficient polymerization of layers. Often such a problem occurs when using low -power devices (less than 36 V). It is especially important to monitor the bulbs, they need to be changed with a frequency of 3-6 months, focus on the intensity of use.

Sometimes that the varnish soon breaks down from the nail, the clients themselves are to blame. And all because, placing the hand under the lamp, they lubricate the coating from the tips.

Remember for the future! Every woman planning to make a manicure using gel polish should know that touching the surface that was painted is unacceptable. In this case, it is inevitable to get dust, other elements to the surface of the nail plate, which poorly affects the durability of manicure.

Why is gel polish at the tips of the nails, how to prevent it?

In order not to encounter a situation where gel polish does not stay on nails, experts recommend that a number of requirements recommend. Shortly before visiting a manicure master, it is not recommended to do oil treatment of nails, spa treatments. On the first day after applying the gel coating, it is necessary to reduce, and even better exclude contacts with water. For this purpose, you can use rubber gloves. Consider the fact that the decorative coating also gets away under the influence of alcohol, liquids containing acetone, and domestic solvents. Do not expose your nails to mechanical influences, because of this the varnish is quickly cooked, it leaves. Knowing why the gel polish on the nails is poorly kept is to prevent the situations provoking this.

Do not try to independently eliminate coating defects or cut the processes of natural nail, thereby violating the integrity of the top coating. Air, moisture falling between layers turn out to be provocateurs of division into separate layers. Do not forget about the individual characteristics of the female organism, which, as it turned out, can also become a factor explaining why the gel polish exfoliates at the tips of the nails. The same applies to therapy using antidepressants, antibiotics. Remember that the key to the integrity and attractiveness of the gel coating is the health of the nail plate.(Video)

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