Youth slang: what is a condeman?

In the teenager language, this set of letters of the Russian language means to focus on the current state (position) of things, highlight the hare, discuss a specific problem and at the same time do not fall on lies so as not to be known as balabol, fufle or shnyaga.

The phrase indicated in this matter on the project is a big question is quite popular among young people. The phrase ‘foul the condo’ can often be heard from the mouth of youth. Initially, when I heard this phrase, I thought that the condo is an abbreviated name of the air conditioner, but in this context this word meant completely different.

It turns out that the word condo is an abbreviated version of the English word ‘Condition’, which means’ condition ‘in Russian means’.

If we talk about the phrase ‘Frink Conde, then it means the following’ pay attention to the state of things’.

Oh, great and mighty Russian language! What can you not hear in modern youth slang.

Not knowing, sometimes you will not immediately guess what it is about.

I heard that the condee is called Conder, t.e. air conditioner.By simple logic, the condo ‘ – it is to turn it on the whole coil. There was another option: to rafting (selling gullible citizens) faded (without documents or after repair) Conders.

But no, it turned out not everything is so simple. “Frinn Conde”- this means paying attention to the state of things. ‘Burned Condeya’- caught a lie or extension.

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