You can get pregnant from oral sex?

From oral sex get pregnant will not work. I can’t even imagine what the situation should happen to Pregnancy occurred with oral sex.

I heard that to get pregnant from the stars, some girls after oral sex with a celebrity secretly used sperm for conception.

Each process in the body has its own laws and its own order, ensured by the participation of quite specific bodies. In order for pregnancy to occur, the participation of the genital organs of a woman is necessary, and the esophagus, stomach and intestines do not apply to such organs. But indispensable participants in this process are an egg, a sperm, and their merger is called fertilization. In the stomach, of course, the eggs are not formed to form a fertilized egg when meeting with a swallowed sperm.

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And what is the connection between the uterus and the mouth?))) No. Therefore, you drink it even with liters, well, in figuratively speaking, nothing will happen. These questions even often ask. such a sensation that no one reads literature and does not know the structure))

But I can understand women, but there is definitely nothing to worry about. So many answers have already been given and I think that we have already convinced you))

The method of pregnancy from rich dads is widespread in the West, as it provides a comfortable existence of a lonely mother and child. The main thing here is to prove in court that the child is from this father- and some percent of the dad’s earnings goes into assets of a cunning woman who flew from oral sex. Therefore, rich lovers blowjob It is recommended to check if the girl swallowed sperm so that she would not have the opportunity fertilize yourself.

Perhaps I will upset you, but there is no chance of getting pregnant from oral sex. It’s like in a famous joke:

The sperm running in search of the egg finally sees something big and dark, rushes there, but to his question: “Who are you-the egg?” – receives a completely different answer:” No, I am caries “.

So that the girl becomes pregnant with sperm, not only should get into her body, but get into a strictly designated place for this ..

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If, after oral sex, the girl herself deliberately does not so that the sperm will fall into her vagina, then there are no options, the sperm is simply spilled or swallowed to get to where fertilization occurs, so there is no risk of getting pregnant. In terms of pregnancy, this is an absolutely not dangerous type of sex that does not require protection.

When I was 14 years old, I thought that you can get pregnant if you make a blowjob, now it’s funny when I remember it. To conceive, the seed fluid must get into the vagina. So you can have oral sex as much as you like, you will not get pregnant from this.

I heard a case about some tensher player rich, in the toilet a fan made a blowjob and sperm from her mouth made a fertilization. As a result, she gave birth to a child and the DNA test confirmed that this ten -Izist is the father of the child.

This is practically not possible, if you do everything right, it is not possible to get pregnant at all at all.

To get pregnant, you need to aim in a strictly accurate place.

And the mouth is not suitable for this, so you can’t get pregnant.

You can’t get pregnant from oral sex!

From oral sex, you can get pregnant only if sex is very tightened and turns into a traditional type of sex. And so through the mouth you can not establish the contact of the sperm with the egg, no matter how you try.)

The question is interesting, and most importantly relevant in terms of birth rate. It all depends on the wish. It happens and gets pregnant from the wind, inflates the wind. I think they heard about this?

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