Yashka wallet is a bandit, robbing Lenin himself

Yashka wallet is a bandit, robbing Lenin himself

The gang led by Jacob Koshelykov was distinguished by special cunning and cruelty. Soon after its foundation, this group began to lead the world of criminal Moscow.

Yashka himself was famous for his elusiveness. They could not catch the bandit after the most daring crime in his biography – the robbery of the leader of the proletariat Vladimir Lenin.

Yashka wallet

Profession by inheritance

The choice of the life path of Yakov Kuznetsov, who later took the surname of the wallets, was a foregone conclusion from birth. He was born in the family of a robber exiled to Siberia. Having managed to get out of the village for convicts, Yakov Koshelkov immediately took up theft. At the age of 23, there were several large apartment thefts on Koshelkov’s account. And in 1916 he himself was exiled to hard labor, but he managed to escape from there. Having moved to Moscow, Yanka, as “colleagues” began to call him, put on his gang and managed to quickly rise in criminal circles.

The largest robbery of the gang of Yashka made a wallet in 1918. Then they attacked the savings bank in Pokrovka and took about 100,000 The bandits managed to hide from the scene of the crime. Koshelkov and his accomplices were under the close supervision of the police, but over and over again they left the persecution. Yashka the king carefully thought out the ways of retreat, so he never came across. He left after the most daring robbery in his life.

Car “Rating”

The gang of the wallet traded mainly in Sokolniki. However, in January 1919, they conceived a double robbery in the center of Moscow. The goals were a cooperative and mansion. But for this, five bandits led by Yakov Koshelkov needed to get there. It was decided to stop some car and steal it. The bandits did not doubt the success of their enterprise: they were well armed and even had several bombs. Having gathered weapons, Yashka wallet and accomplices went on the highway.

At this very moment, a car of Vladimir Lenin was driving along the highway. He and his sister went to bring his wife to the hospital. Together with them in the car was a guard and driver. Suddenly people jumped out onto the road in front of them and began to shout: “Wait! Stop! We will shoot!’Vladimir Lenin ordered the car to stop by taking the criminals for the patrol. The driver had no choice but to fulfill the order. At the same moment, the doors of the car opened, and Koshelykov’s gang dragged Lenin to the street.

“Here are my documents”

The guard and the driver was immediately taken to the fly. And Vladimir Ilyich began to search the Yashka Castle himself. Lenin did not resist, moreover, he even introduced himself and said: “What are you doing? I am Lenin. Here are my documents “. The extended pass of the chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars was in the hands of Koshelkov. But he, without even looking at him, barked: “Well, damn it that you are Levin! And I am the master of this city at night, wallets!’Following Yashka took his personal browning and wallet from Lenin.

Realizing that there was nothing more valuable, Yashka and his accomplices jumped into the car and were such. Already on the road, one bandit examined the prey. There was only a trifle in the wallet, but the document shocked every1. “This is not Levin! It was Lenin! Lenin!” – came in the car. The wallet realized that he had robbed Vladimir Ilyich himself. A minute later, the car unfolded towards the place where the wallet released Lenin. The criminal king of Moscow was going to grab Vladimir Ilyich and demand money for him and the release of all criminals from Butyrka. But the plan was not destined to come true.

A chance and betrayal

Yakov KoshelkovYakov Koshelkov

When the bandits returned to the crime scene, there was no one there. They quickly realized that Lenin was now supposed to be in the nearest building of the Council. And it turned out. But Yashka Koshelkov could not break there – around the building there were a lot of police and Chekists. I had to leave the bandits with some sinking. Soon a real hunt was opened on them: they could not forgive Lenin’s attacks.

But the elusive Yashka still constantly left the chases. Finally managed to catch the three accomplices of Koshelkov, and one of them handed over the address where the leader lived. But he lied: there was one of the accomplices of Yanki. The investigators were lucky only in June 1919, when Olga Fedorova, who was closely communicating with Koshelkov, was in their hands. She agreed to cooperate with the investigation in exchange for being released to freedom.

Upon learning about this, Yashka walled the wallet into a frenzy. He began to go on business more often, but was scattered and careless. Still, because the love of his life betrayed him! Ultimately, this ruined Koshelkov. He was seized in a conspiratorial apartment. When he resisted and began to shoot, the police had no choice but to fall in response. Yakova Koshelykov was shot, and during a search of the body they found the same browning remaining after the robbery of Lenin. The wallet considered him his talisman, but, apparently, on that day, luck turned away from him.

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