With which the cat Leopold drove the mice from the roof?

The Adventures of the Cat Leopold is a funny Soviet animated film, known to several generations of children and parents. If you describe this project, then there is a story about the adventures of an intelligent cat and a pair of swivel mice.

The elementary storyline won babies. Any case outlined the moralizing episodes from the life of the cat Leopold. Some note the similarity of the “Adventures of the Cat Leopold” with an American similar animated series “Tom and Jerry”. In my opinion, the domestic animated film against the background of a foreign counterpart looks very peaceful and good, and the main characters are much less bloodthirsty and selfish.

The character of the cat Leopold does not allow him to go to rudeness, thanks to this mice are always intact.

Answer: drove off with water. So as not to injure mice!

I remember this scene perfectly! And anything it contradicts all the laws of physics…)

I do not understand that the word ‘flows’ but not as much as it expresses the movement of the mass of water in a limited space can apply to the colloquial characteristics of the electric current.

But this is a cartoon! 🙂 And Leopold calmly served ordinary water on the coaxial (antenna) cable.. 0_0

Yes, he connected the cable to the tap, and the water went to the roof along it. It was precisely this water that was demolished into the drain of the poor mice.

The cat Leopold drove the mice off the roof with the help of water, because they prevented him from watching his TV, swinging the antenna. Leopold Cat connected the cord from the TV to the tap of water and washed with water. Like dear. Correct answer: With the help of water.

Honestly, I do not remember the whole cartoon in detail, so I chose the answer to this children’s question at random. My hand was drawn to choose – a slingshot, but I pressed the water, it turned out to be right.

There, in some fabulous way, the cat managed at the expense of the cord from the TV, to let water on the roof, which of course in real life does not happen, but this is the cartoon, so that there would be, these are miracles. Subsequently, unfortunately mice, they were simply washed off the roof.

The right answer will be – water.

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