Wiped between legs than to anoint?

If to blood, sprinkle slightly with crushed streptocide (tablets, eat in any pharmacy, cost a penny), swap a layer from corn. Change the patch every day. In 2-3 days it will pass. As heals, lubricate the dried wounds with tea tree oil. It is also inexpensive, a bottle of 100 You can use ‘kyzyl May’, also a good, but more expensive tool. Further, so that such a problem does not arise, in the warm season, apply a solid deodorant-anteperp on the inner thighs of the thighs­Irant (not roller, not a spray, but a solid antiperspirant), if you want to put on a dress or skirt. In the cold season, everything is easier – always under a dress to wear shorts, tights. I also have such a problem as rubbing the inside of the hips, I am saved only.

The problem of rubbing between the legs is familiar to many, especially in the heat in the summer. And it often occurs in the summer. It is recommended to wear underwear like pantolonchiki (but not like in Soviet times, but you can buy pretty panties with elongated trousers, enough 5-10 centimeters). Also in the morning, before going out, lubricate the places of possible friction by baby puffing.

If the trouble happened, then there is one proven tool. All the scuffs, diaper rash, redness, small abrasions, that is, superficial damage to the skin, are remarkably treated by the ointment of ‘Bepanten’ (it is with ointment and “Bepanten”, there are many analogues, but it is best in such cases that he works). Small damaged places for the night, almost everything will pass in the morning or even completely pass. Well, then use the tips from the first part of the answer.

As a child, I had a friend who, already at the age of 13, experienced a similar problem due to the fatness and characteristic curvature of the legs – ‘Ixika’. Dark circles formed from constant friction on the inside of the hips. Once in the summer, coming to visit me, a friend asked if I had starch. I replied that I have, and she explained to me for what purpose he needed her. It turned out that she starch processes the places of contact of the legs and thus avoids rubbing. The starch has a pleasant sliding texture that reduces friction and relieves pain.

If there are already abrasions, then at night to apply Solcoseryl ointment well (under the ‘breathing praise), and use the baby powder or the same starch during the day.

The problem is really very unpleasant. And it must be borne in mind that it can be caused not only by mechanical friction, but also by certain diseases. For example, diabetes or psoriasis. Therefore, it is advisable to seem to the doctor. If this is not possible, then you will have to independently select the treatment method. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of drugs for the treatment of scuffs. Can be treated with talcum or children’s updating, this will reduce friction. You can use the Malawit, which is a very effective wound healing tool. Lorindem ointment. Cream ‘Children’s’. Panthegol. Fir oil. Argosufan. All these funds are in most pharmacies. At night you can lubricate with honey, only it is advisable to purchase it from beekeepers.

First of all, to disinfect, for example, chlorhexidine, it does not burn, does not pinch. And then look at how much lost. It happened to me, it came to a mazala either with a children’s cream or the Cream ‘Boat’ (‘Soft’, ‘Asset’ is not fundamentally at all). It took place the very next day. But for the prevention of this problem, which is relevant for the summer, you need to know some tricks. I want to wear skirts and dresses? Before leaving the house, I spray on the inside of the hips with an antiperspirant and everything is fine. Just personally, Talk did not help me, but I didn’t try starch. I found this method and it helps me!

I have this constant problem. Leo can not wear skirts and pay. Forced to steam in breeches.

I use 3 ointments in such cases. It depends on what is. Bepanten, Sinaflan apia ok ointment. I will say right away, Bepanten helps the worst of all. But the Body will take it off. Sinaflan is a good ointment. Helps with any irritation. But the best zinc ointment. RNA and pain uneases and scrolls relieves best and faster everything heals.

I came to these Mandy experiences. Can have something else, I don’t know. I am satisfied with zinc ointment.

It is better to avoid rubbing between the legs. Children’s powder helps very well in this, she needs to lubricate the inside of the thigh abundantly. You can also be a ball deodorant or deodorant in aerosols, but you need to give it to dry out.

Well, if it happened and still lost it, then you need to treat. First, process at least with saline, it will not allow the pustules to form. Bepanten is good for healing.

First of all, you need to rinse with clean water a problematic place, gently wiped off and then can be treated with a glomistin.Well, it is natural to wear cotton underwear, it is best for the body.

Well, in extreme cases, if you can’t process anything, take your own drooling with the problem areas.The main thing after processing does notanything.Zau that itches but tolerate.

If it is not grated, that is, a pair of effective tools, personally verified.

Firstly, starch. The very next day after him was the pain.

Secondly, children’s cream (with an extract of a series, preferably). Surprisingly, he works miracles and almost all signs are not only pain, but even traces of me immediately disappeared.

The problem is relevant for many, especially in the summer heat, but fortunately, easily solved. Try to use the pouring of the nursery if the diaperiness is not too strong. If you come across periodically with such a problem, you can use it for prevention.

You can also dilute the streptocide tablet in one glass of water and treat the grated parts of the body with a solution.

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