Why you can’t google wet koala?

Why is it impossible – you can. 40,000 people do it every month.

(I suspect this is some kind of fashionable meme, but in my senile swamp without modern trends I live well, so I will remain in blissful ignorance)

In this case, this is a question that uses social engineering to wrap clicks on this phrase. People, having read the question, immediately rush to check and be convinced that you can “google ‘.

That is, someone needs to earn on such ‘clicks’ and therefore a question was asked in a provocative form. This is a type of advertising.

In fact, just because this wet koala is a terrible sight. This is a real monster

Compared to the usual fluffy koala. Therefore, they do not recommend at night looking to google such,

so as not to get scared once again and you did not dream of anything bad. T.you can google, but it is very undesirable.

Probably because the wet koala is still a sight. In the sense that for some people this kind of image may seem terrible or frightening.

And other reasons why you can’t google or Yandek – there is no “wet koal” and cannot be (as far as I know).

You can, nothing will happen to the computer and the user.

Just now I drove this phrase into the search engine and nothing critical happened.

Gave the result, the koala is really wet and it does not look very, more precisely not familiar.

Wet Koala is, believe me, ‘spectacle is not for the faint of heart’. Well, but seriously, this is an Internet meme. If you google the phrase ‘Wet Coala’, then you will give you a wet koala, which looks quite frightening

There are such phrases on the Internet, having gained which, you get not at all what you should get

There are a lot of such phrases, for example, blue waffles.

At one time, instead of blue waffles, the search engine threw out sites with one disease for you.

Now this is not there, apparently, the search engines are correcting their mistakes.

‘Wet Koala’-from the same series.

If you pick up in the search engine, see disgusting fang-liner animals.

It is just that such recommendations come from the fact that the coal of wet looks partly very ugly and maybe many faint of heart, scare with its appearance, from which the corresponding meme appeared, hinting that the result will be the way you see it, do not expect it at all.

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