With their arrival, the end of the world came, what kind of film, where to watch?

The plot of the film tells us about four astronauts who were subject to cosmic excess and as a result received super power. Upon returning to Earth, the guys continue to live an ordinary life, I do not understand what happened to them. However, in a rather power began to manifest themselves. After the adoption of such fantastic abilities, everyone has their own plans for how and what to do with super force further.

The film is called ‘Fantastic Four’.

Genre: Action, Fiction, Fantasy.

Country: Germany, USA

View time: about 1 hour 45 minutes

You can watch this film on many Internet platforms. However, I like this site more. Of course you choose where to make viewing.

Have a nice evening.

If I did not accidentally see excerpts from this film on the Internet, I would never have found out that there is such a picture, or rather, the picture. And the most interesting thing is that the film was released already in 2005.

I admit honestly, I don’t know anything about him, but I found the name after several manipulations. Called a series of films “Fantastic Four”. It turns out that the very first picture was released in the distant 1994. Then modern actors played the main roles in 2005, 2007 and 2015.

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I don’t know if I will get to this picture, but I love Jessica Alba very much and respect. I think that the film really deserves our attention.

This is a joint German – American film of 2005, film adaptation of the comic book of the same name.

By the genre – science fiction, fantasy, militant, adventure.

The plot is interesting: four astronauts far in space were under the influence of unknown radiation. since they did not have time to put the barrier to the space storm, and acquired superpowers.

Reid acquired the ability to stretch his body, as if it were rubber, the girl Sue can be invisible, Johnny is almost a man-faculty, besides he can fly, and Ben is now a man from a durable orange stone with inhuman force.

That is, they were people, and became superheroes.

The actors’ game is just great.

After returning to Earth, four superheroes begin to fight with those who want to destroy humanity.

Fantastic Four

I watched a series of these films more than once and reviewed them all! Even the one who came out in the distant 94th.

I still went crazy for these heroes: the creature, Mr. Fantastic, the man-facel, Sue Storm, Dr. Dum, Silver Surfer! It seems to me that there is no child who would not know these characters!

In general, several episodes of this film came out (but you can’t call it a series). But it’s unfortunate that the series was not shot, I think he would have had amazing ratings!

The film “Fantastic Four” is called. You can see it on YouTube

Jessica Alba, Kate Mara, Joan Griffith and others starred in roles

Genre – action movie, science fiction

Great film for family viewing! I’m sure you will want to review it again!

There are a lot of films about the end of the world. And, of course, the apocalypse does not happen just like that. Something is always an impetus, so several paintings can come under this description.

This is one of my favorite films that I watched in adolescence. He came out in 2015, the science fiction genre, director of the film Tim Story. The lead roles were played by Jessica Alba, Johann Griffith, Chris Evans, Michael Chiplis, Julian McMachon. Despite the fact that more modern versions of this film have been released, it still has many enthusiastic reviews and an assessment of 6.7 in KinoPoisk.

The plot is based on the history of four astronauts, who in one of their flights fall under the influence of unknown rays, and receive destructive superpowers. After returning to their own planet, they confront evil, who also has far -reaching plans.

This film “Fantastic Four” is called, you can see on this site.

The question is about the film shot in such genres as fantasy, science fiction, adventure.

The film is far from new, it was released in the first in 2015.

This is the work of a director who is called Tim Story.

The plot of the film is built on the incredible story of four astronauts. Once they are exposed to unknown rays while in flight, after which, each of them acquires incredible, destructive superpowers. Heroes stand on guard, defending humanity from evil.


We are talking about the film, which is the joint production of America and Germany, which premiered in the summer of 2005.

The composition of the actors is quite large, but I would single out: Joan Griffith, Julian McMahon, seductive Jessica Alba.

A film with a very high rating, which is not surprising, since he received several awards.

Its duration is about two hours.

We observe how 4 astronauts, already in space, have become influenced by some unknown rays, which is why each of them gained its superpowiality. After returning to Earth, they see that Luli is on the verge of death because of the enemies of mankind, and they have to become defenders and rescuers…

Title: Fantastic 4.

You can see it here.

From the plot described in the question, it is easy to guess that this film was shot by American filmmakers. Plots about the end of the world or global disasters, cataclysms like to use US cinematographers.

The plot specified in the question corresponds to the film ‘Fantastic Four‘, which came out for a long time, namely in 2005. The film refers to the genre of science fiction, fantasy, action movie.

The rating of this film is low, according to the Internet portal of KinoPoisk, it is only 6.7 points out of 10 maximum possible. But fans of fantasy will probably like this picture. In addition, it will be interesting to look at the special effects of the fifteen years ago.

The genre of this film is science fiction, action movie, year of release 2005.

It tells how four astronauts, being in distant space, were exposed to certain rays that granted them superpowers.

Returning to Earth, the heroes begin to apply these fantastic abilities to fight enemies of mankind. And, of course, the viewer sees a lot of plot ups and downs, empathizes with the heroes.

Definitely, the movie looks rather exciting, and his name is ‘fantastic four’. You can see on YouTube.

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